Christine Walde (Kopie 1)

Christine Walde (PhD: University of Tübingen, 1990; Habilitation: University of Basel, 1998) is Professor for Latin Philology at the Institut für Altertumswissenschaften of the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz.

Her main research interests are ancient epic poetry, ancient drama, ancient rhetoric, exile literature, literary theory and methodology as well as reception and cultural studies of antiquity.

Christine Walde’s last two monographs focused on dreams and their interpretation: Die Traumdarstellungen in der griechisch-römischen Dichtung (Munich 2001 = Habilitation treatise 1998) and Antike Traumdeutung und moderne Traumforschung (Düsseldorf 2001).

She is also the editor of Lucan im 21. Jahrhundert / Lucan in the 21st Century. Munich 2005; Sub imagine somni. Nighttime Phenomena in Greco-Roman Culture. Testi e studi di cultura classica 46. Pisa 2010, and Letture e lettori di Lucano. Pisa 2015 (together with Paolo Esposito).

Christine Walde is currently completing a new monograph on Lucan's Civil War.