Origin and Development of Epic Poetry

  • Oriental Influence (J. Haubold)
  • Oral Tradition and Formalism (E. Bakker)
  • Mythological Cycles (J. Farrell)

Gattung und Kategorisierung

  • Theories of Epic Poetry (P. Hardie)
  • Epic Fragments (S. Bär, E. Schedel)
  • Epic and Epyllion (M. Baumbach, N. Hömke)
  • Didactic Poetry and Didactic Epic (A. Schiesaro)
  • Scholia and Structures (G. Bitto)
  • Intergeneric Influences (A. Ambühl)
  • Recipients, Narrators, and Focalizers (R. Kirstein)
  • Speeches (S. Finkmann)


  • Alexandrian Book Division (G. Bitto)
  • Proems (C. Schindler)
  • Invocation of the Muse (C. Schindler)
  • Middles and Endings (A. Zissos)
  • Sphragis (C. Schindler)


  • Arrival Scenes
  • Reunion Scenes
  • Departure Scenes (F. Ripoll)
  • Banquet Scenes (A. Bettenworth)
  • Funerals and Funeral Games (H. Lovatt)
  • Sacrifice and Rituals (A. Augoustakis)
  • Warfare:
    • Arming Scenes (C. Reitz)
    • Teichoskopia (M. Fucecchi)
    • Naval Battles (T. Biggs)
    • River Battles (T. Biggs)
    • Nyktomachia (C. Stoffel)
    • Single Combat (J. Littlewood)
    • Fighting Sequences (H.-P. Nill)
    • Mass Combat (J. Telg genannt Kortmann)
    • Aristeiae (C. Stocks)
    • Flight and Pursuit (P. Roche)
    • Delays and Pauses (P. Roche)
    • Breach of Contract and Ceasefire (P. Roche)
    • Death, Violence, and Wounds (M. Dinter)

Communication and Reflection

  • Menssenger Scenes (S. Finkmann)
  • Council and Assembly Scenes (S. Finkmann)
  • Prophecies (A. Walter)
  • Dreams (C. Walde)
  • Epiphanies (A. Ambühl, C. Walde)

Organisation and Structure

  • Days and Seasons (O. Wenskus, A. Wolkenhauer)
  • Storm Scenes (T. Biggs)
  • Ekphrasis (S. Harrison)
  • Genealogy and Aiteology (A. Walter)
  • Similes and Comparisons (K. Blaschka, U. Gärtner)
  • Catalogues (R. Lämmle, C. Reitz, C. Scheidegger, K. Wesselmann)
  • Scenery
    • Landscapes
    • Mythical Places
    • Olympus
    • Underworld

Reception and Transformation

  • Late Antiquity (S. Zuenelli)
  • Late Antiquity II (C. Schubert)
  • Bible Epic (M. Bazil)
  • Byzantine Epic (K. Demoen, B. Verhelst)
  • Medieval Latin Epic I (P. Orth)
  • Neo-Latin Epic I (C. Peters)
  • Neo-Latin Epic II (F. Schaffenrath)
  • Quantitative Approaches (C. Forstall, L. Galli Milic, D. Nelis)