Martin Dinter

Martin T. Dinter, PhD (Cam) is Lecturer in Latin Literature and Language at King’s College London.

He is author of Anatomizing Civil War – Studies in Lucan’s Epic Technique (Michigan, 2012) as well as co-editor of the A Companion to the Neronian Age (Malden, 2013) and Reading Roman Declamation - The Declamations ascribed to Quintilian (Berlin 2016). Martin Dinter has published articles on Virgil, Horace, Lucan, Seneca and Flavian epic.

Thanks to a three year grant by FAPESP (Sao Paulo, 2012-15) he is currently preparing a book-length study on Cato the Elder as well as editing the Cambridge Companion to Roman Comedy (CUP) and co–editing volumes on Seneca the Elder (OUP) and Calpurnius Flaccus (de Gruyter).