Philip Hardie

Philip Hardie holds degrees from the universities of Oxford, London and Cambridge. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge, and Honorary Professor of Latin in the University of Cambridge.

He was formerly (2002-6) Corpus Christi Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, University of Oxford. He is a Fellow of the British Academy, a Member of the Academia Europaea, and an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities. He holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Thessaloniki, and was the recipient of the Premio Internazionale Virgilio (Mantova) in 2012. He is the Sather Professor at the University of California at Berkeley in 2015/16.

Philip Hardie is the author of Virgil's Aeneid: Cosmos and Imperium (1986); The Epic Successors of Virgil (1993); Virgil Aeneid 9  (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics, 1994); Ovid's Poetics of Illusion (2002); Lucretian Receptions. History, The Sublime, Knowledge (2009); Rumour and Renown. Representations of Fama in Western Literature (2012); The Last Trojan Hero: A Cultural History of Virgil’s Aeneid (2014; Ovidio Metamorfosi vol. 6 Libri XIII-XV (2015). He is editor of The Cambridge Companion to Ovid (2002), co-editor (with Stuart Gillespie) of The Cambridge Companion to Lucretius (2007), and co-editor (with Patrick Cheney) of TheOxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature vol. 2: 1558-1660 (2015). He is also the author of numerous articles and essays on Latin poetry and its post-antique reception.